A Grudge to Share

Mathias Margolis is a politically incorrect nerd with little social skills and a nasty mouth.  When he gets a job as a junior accountant at a new firm, he meets up with his arch nemesis:  the high school quarterback who beat him up on a regular basis.  Immediately, the old fears arise in Mathias, and his first intuition is survival.  But when he finds out that Griffin Taylor, ex-jock and handsome stud, has turned into a nice guy, he still isn’t convinced and is determined to get him back for all the former torment. 

Despite Mathias’s unforgiving nature, Griffin tries hard to repair the past and befriend him.  So he gives the nerd a make-over he’ll never forget.  Suddenly, the new and improved accountant is discovering what it’s like to have women falling for him.  But the change brings out his malicious side that not even Griffin is prepared to deal with.  Has he created a monster?

In a strange reversal of roles, a nerd is transformed into what he believes his ex-bully to be.  The only problem?  Griffin has his own issues buried under the attractive cover.  And he’s nothing like Mathias ever imagined.

A Grudge to Share  is a cynically humorous view of life through one man’s eyes and a reminder never to judge a book by its cover.

"If you've ever felt like you couldn't forgive and forget, then Mathias is your man.  In a darkly comedic take on internal frustrations, Mathias is given a chance to fulfill a dream--but can he trust the guy giving him the opportunity?  Once a bully always a bully?  Only time and the right circumstances will reveal..."  



You Can't appreciate the light without the dark