The Mulroy brothers have two things in common: their Irish ancestry and their extreme hatred for each other. Aidan has grown up in the shadow of his over-achieving brother, Mitchell, an ideal son and master manipulator. When no one can see past Mitchell’s apparent perfection, Aidan counteracts by throwing himself into a lifestyle of self-destruction, opposing his brother in every way possible.

To Aidan, partying and girls is routine until he meets Jessica, a flawed version herself but whose inner beauty shines through. For the first time, Aidan finds a girl unlike all the others and learns that happiness doesn’t have to be just a quick fix. But when Jessica takes control over her own body issues which have plagued her for years, she develops a self-confidence and beauty never before seen. For Aidan, it’s a proud moment. For Mitchell, it’s an opportunity. The bad blood between brothers escalates when nothing proves sacred and everything becomes fair game. Just how far will one brother go in his quest to make the other pay?

Binding Ties is a twisted tale of jealousy and hate as brothers battle internal and external factors that keep them unwillingly bound to each other. “Imagine having a sibling so seemingly shiny and perfect to all but who is inherently selfish and depraved. Then imagine you are the one to be blamed for these traits only because your cover isn’t as good. This is Mitchell and Aidan Mulroy.” 

Binding Ties



You Can't appreciate the light without the dark