Troy Linden is the kind of guy who would do anything for his best friend, Christine--and he did.  Now the former forest ranger (The Ranger's Obsession) is on the run for murder.  Troy, however, sees his misdeed as more of a favor to his friend the night he left her abusive fiance to die tied to a tree during a snowstorm in the San Bernardino Mountains.  Law enforcement sees the favor differently.

For Keeps is the culmination of one man's extreme obsession with his best friend.  And once she finally comes over to his side, the true test of friendship begins.  When circumstances force another into the tight relationship Troy has secured it is up to Christine to prove her loyalty.

"It seemed more than necessary to continue the saga of the fierce forest ranger who is determined to let no one interfere with his best friend.  Troy's willingness to kill her threatening fiance goes against him in more ways than one.  While it proves his devotion to Christine, it brings him into his darkest side yet, one he is willing to endure to the very end no matter the adversary.  Whether his newfound intensity is positive for the relationship or detrimental is ultimately decided by the reader."

Yet Bradley is hardly the gentleman he appears in his suit and tie.  Underneath, he's well-armed and entirely capable of taking from Troy much more than his freedom.  The cop's determination sets them up for the fight of  a lifetime.  And it isn't just smarts or brute force they must use.  It's their will to kill.

Detective Stuart Bradley has been assigned to the case and is anxious for the dangerous man to be caught.  But in order to get to Troy he has to first get to Christine.  It's treacherous territory he's wandering into when he develops an attraction to her.  After all, Troy has already proven how far he will go to keep Christine safe and all to himself.  Just ask the dead fiance.



You Can't appreciate the light without the dark