how long can she hide her volatile past from him?  Sooner or later lingering feelings will rise, revealing her tortured thoughts and the sins she'll never forget and as sure as hell never forgive. 

Veronica Harris learned the hard way that prison is no place for a mouthy young girl.  Now after twenty years behind bars, she has a second chance.  Newly released from her miserable confinement, Veronica boards a bus and heads west, far from her Southern roots and bad memories.  Yet outside the barbed wire of her former residence, things are far different than she remembers.

When Veronica arrives in Southern California, she meets a quirky local artist with a pacifist slant who draws her instantly to his calm nature and unique looks.  Mac Livingston is like no man she's ever known, and he seems to be just what she needs to heal.  But he comes with his own baggage, and Veronica soon learns that she isn't the only one battling inner demons.  Mac's tolerance of injustice doesn't sit well with Veronica, who prefers punishment to acceptance.  But   

From Inside is the gripping tale of an ex-con's journey to free herself and live life as no one's prisoner.

from inside

Once confronted with the modern day world after so much of her young life incarcerated, Veronica Harris finds that her hometown justice doesn't always sit well with others and her quick reaction to adversity isn't always the best choice.  "I knew that when I developed a female character who would lead the newest novel she would need to be a bad-ass in her own way.  And, much like her male counterparts of previous tales, she would have the potential for goodness often hidden by thoughts of malice.  In other words, like so many of us..."



You Can't appreciate the light without the dark