Twenty-nine-year-old James McRiley has grown up detesting those who pick on others. A humble underachiever, James realizes his true talents lie in his hands: he is a gifted musician and an excellent butcher. Despite his desire for musical employment, James accepts that his unglamorous job of cutting meat pays his rent and ultimately allows him the experience he will eventually use to combat those who torment the innocent.

At first, he finds himself as the unwilling hand yielding the final blow, then with each silencing slice, he develops more confidence in his authority to rid the world of what he calls two-legged vermin. An unlikely hero to the oppressed but a dangerous assailant to be feared, James discovers his own insecurities and afflictions have provided him with all the ammunition he needs in his continued hunt for the human parasites inwardly reviled by all.



In his search to right the wrongs in life, James utilizes the dark powers he possesses with more and more ease, yet he continuously questions his desires for deadly vindication. Is he truly justified in the punishment he carries out? Or is he just a sadistic murderer struggling to kill a sickness growing from within?

Ridder of Vermin takes an age-old fairy tale, The Pied Piper, and brings it into modern times through the actions of one cynical man fed up with those who take, yet never pay. “The character of James McRiley is, for me, both a hero and a villain. He is what many of us may secretly desire, yet never admit. Amid modern-day frustrations with the world and its sometimes unfair practices, James is a fresh breath of non-politically-correctness. You’ll either hail him or hate him. But either way, you’ll react.”

Ridder of Vermin

You Can't appreciate the light without the dark