Nathan’s determination and strength of character are ultimately tested as he wonders if he will ever live a peaceful existence again.

Only time will tell if Nathan’s desire for retribution will cause him to kill again. By proving himself in ways he never imagined, Nathan realizes that physical wounds can heal, but psychological scars stay forever.

Scarred follows a man who, despite his raw character, discovers the internal wounds inflicted by a lifetime of mistrust might be his long-awaited chance at salvation; that is, if they don’t destroy him first. “While Nathan showed very little of himself in The Loner, he proves to be a more vulnerable character once subjected to the right circumstances. For all those times he took in The Loner, he tends to pay in Scarred.”


In this gripping sequel to The Loner, self-made, pretty boy millionaire Nathan Kirkland has murdered his wife and must now pay for his crime of passion, locked behind the walls of maximum security at Arizona State Prison.

Six years after being incarcerated with mass murderers and other violent offenders, Kirkland is paroled early for good behavior. Though his ability to empty himself of emotion helps him survive behind prison walls, it is facing a life in the outside world which proves more challenging.  Nathan soon realizes he must learn not only how to rejoin society, but also how to be accepted.

In his quest to regain all he has lost, he discovers there are those who have not forgotten his past and are determined to stand in his way of moving on with his life. 

You Can't appreciate the light without the dark