An abusive childhood has forged Nathan Kirkland into the man he has become--a hard-working, strong-minded, self-made millionaire. Add to that his extraordinary good looks, and he appears to have it all. There’s just one problem: to blunt the pain of his past, Nathan has walled himself into isolation, both emotional and physical. Social interactions unnerve this intentional loner, and Nathan is convinced that the only way to avoid hurt is to be the one doing the hurting.

While many around him fall for his chameleon-like personalities, there are some who know the destruction of which he is capable and are determined to bring it to light. Threatened, Nathan becomes merciless in his quest for revenge and frantic in his struggle to maintain the façade of his life. But when confronted with an unattainable woman, Nathan can no longer hide behind his pretense of perfection, and his long-sequestered vulnerability unfolds.

The Loner

His all-too-flawless world turns upside down, opening emotions Nathan thought he’d buried long ago and leading to chilling consequences.

The Loner is a tightly woven tale of a man who is not what he seems to be and a fascinating probe into the psyche of a person who discovers the inevitable price of fleeing the past.

“When I created Nathan, I contemplated what it would be like to seemingly have it all in life: looks, money, rewarding career--then combine this outside perfection with a totally immoral childhood, one filled with abuse and all the wrong role-models. I wondered if someone faced with these challenges so early on in life could grow to become a happy, functioning member of society. Nathan is definitely one to handle with caution.”

You Can't appreciate the light without the dark