The Ranger's Obsession

You Can't appreciate the light without the dark

There’s more to the uniform than meets the eye.  And no one wears it better than Troy Linden, a tall, rugged forest ranger who calls the mountains of Big Bear, California his second home.  A true nature lover, Troy is totally committed to his job.  His social life, however, is another story.  Despite the ranger’s appealing exterior, there are few women able to penetrate his dark layers and bypass the occasional demons.  Only his best friend, Christine, has stuck with him since childhood.  For her, Troy is the ultimate buddy and big brother.  Yet that title comes with a price.

Although Troy has developed quite the fondness for his former tomboy, Christine doesn’t share his feelings, no matter how hard he tries.  He’s getting real tired of being thought of as a blood relative.  So he makes sure he spreads the love around to others.  But beware to those who want to take it further.

Christine is just the opposite and dates with a purpose.  Her continued quest to find love aggravates Troy who does whatever it takes to keep her single.  But when she manages to attract a potential mate, the ranger realizes he's losing his hold on her. And that's not acceptable.  After all, if he can't have her...    

The Ranger's Obsession  focuses on the life-long desire of one friend for another.  But when the fearless hero can never get the girl, he goes to the utmost lengths to keep her in his life the only way he can.  

"While Troy seems near perfect on the outside, it is his inner darkness which keeps his title as friend and nothing else.  Yet he's probably the best friend you'll ever have.  He'd do anything for you.  As long as you don't stray too far away."