Desperate to protect his professional reputation and his privacy, Dominic unleashes a side of himself no other living person has seen.  Shrouded in the confines of his own immoral world, just how far will he go to ensure his evil secret remains deep in the woods from where it arose?

It's tough to  be different--especially when one has such a dark affliction to hide.  A pact he made as a teenager in the woods of rural Alabama has rendered Dominic Hawkins dependent on human flesh to survive.  Now, twenty-five years later and a successful, Southern California businessman, he is still bound by the deal that has cost him a normal life.

Despite his attempts to keep his disturbing existence from others, a frustrated and lonely Dominic still craves human contact, an often dangerous proposition.  As a favor to him on his fortieth birthday, Dominic's only friend, Trevor, sets him up on a blind date with an attractive co-worker.  But when the woman decides she wants more than he's willing to give, all hell truly breaks loose.

Dominic is a character tortured like no other.  On the one hand he is capable of the most vile acts and yet, somehow, he is a sympathetic soul.  He is completely seared, inside and out, and exists in a facade knowing the torment might never end.  But how much bad can one man endure before the truth spills out and everyone discovers his weakness?


You Can't appreciate the light without the dark