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Welcome in!  I hope you will visit and stay awhile. If you like your stories and characters on the non-polished side, then I offer you a refreshing gaze into the edgy mannerisms of some rough individuals, inside and out. Don’t get me wrong: they’re not at all un-likeable. On the contrary: I think you’ll find that in some way you feel for these non-conformists, these misguided and misinformed creatures. And not only will you feel for the constant struggles they face to make it in a world where they sometimes don’t belong, you’ll actually be cheering for them by the end of the books! Scratch that--I think you’ll pull for them by the end of Chapter One. Well, maybe not Nathan Kirkland of The Loner. He grows on you slowly. But James McRiley--the serial killer of Ridder of Vermin and The Fugitive Blues--believe it or not, he is one loveable killer. This is true.

If you like some of the stuff you’re seeing here then know that all of my tortured tales are available on the Internet--most notably through my publisher, iUniverse, and through well-known sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I saw that the “geniuses” of a popular device even have the titles. They are all available in digital formats so if you have the “readers” you’re in luck. I guess digital is where it’s at--but for you traditionalists, they’re also available in soft cover and hard cover formats. I’m old-fashioned because I like the smell of a new book.

I hope you will enjoy what you read as you journey into others’ minds and follow life with its sometimes crappy circumstances. If anything, maybe you can relate to the childhood abuse of Nathan Kirkland, or the junior high bullying of James McRiley, or the underachiever label of Aidan Mulroy, or the disenchanted view of life through the haunted eyes of cremator Raymond Faustanetti. And if sarcasm is your thing, then you'll feel for politically incorrect Mathias Margolis who can't seem to do anything right.  Forest Ranger Troy Linden is seriously too hot for his own good (maybe you know one like him) and Dominic Hawkins is forever paying for past mistakes.

My stories are to entertain, to occasionally shock, and to always make you laugh at some of the most inopportune times. Come on in! I think you’ll find my characters and their psychological dilemmas worthy of the ride.

If you ever want to get in touch, please email me at:

I look forward to your convo. I’m trying to get the word out, so if you like what you read, please tell a friend!

Talk with you soon!

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